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eNational Pension System Trust Guidelines for Online Registration

    NPS Trust welcomes you to 'eNPS' ,which will facilitate:-

    ➤  Opening of Individual Pension Account under NPS (only Tier I / Tier I & Tier II)
    ➤  Making initial and subsequent contribution to your Tier I as well as Tier II account

    To open an Individual Pension account online.

    ✔  You must have a 'Permanent Account Number' (PAN) and a Bank account with any of the registered Point of Presence empanelled for KYC verification for subscriber registration through NPS
    ✔  Your KYC Verification in NPS will be done by your Bank selected by you during the registration process.
    ✔  You need to upload your scanned photograph and signature in *.jpeg/*.jpg format having file size between 4kb - 12kb.
    ✔  You will be routed to a payment gateway for making the payment towards your NPS account from Debit / Credit card or Internet Banking.

    After successful payment of initial contribution, a Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) will be allotted to you. After online account opening process is completed,

    ➤  The PRAN Kit containing a PRAN Card, IPIN/TPIN, Subscriber Master Report, Scheme Information Booklet alongwith a Welcome Letter will be sent to your registered address.
    ➤  You need to take a printout of the form, paste your photograph (please do not sign across the photograph) & affix signature.
    ➤  You should sign on the block provided for signature.
    ➤  The photograph should not be stapled or clipped to the form.
    ➤  The form should be sent within 90 days from the date of allotment of PRAN to CRA at the following address or else the PRAN will be ‘frozen’ temporarily:

    Central Recordkeeping Agency (eNPS)
    NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited,
    1st Floor, Times Tower,
    Kamala Mills Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg,
    Lower Parel, Mumbai - 400 013

    Please note that registration for APY cannot be done through For registration under APY please contact your Bank Branch.

    Processing of subsequent contribution:

    All existing subscribers (registered through both online and offline mode) can contribute in Tier I & Tier II account using ‘eNPS’. To contribute online, you need to
    ✔  Have an active Tier I / Tier II account
    ✔  Authenticate your PRAN using the OTP sent to your registered mobile number
    ✔  Pay through your Debit / Credit card or use Internet Banking option.

    For queries please contact : 022 - 4090 4242 or write to:

    Kindly note that eNPS facility cannot be used for enrollment under Atal Pension Yojana (APY)

Features Of Rural ICT Handheld Device Supplied To Branch Post Offices

As a pilot phase Department of Post has started using solar powered, biometric hand-held devices in rural post office with connectivity along with the application software in selected circles viz. Bihar, UP and Rajasthan. This move was the outcome of Rural ICT project declared by the Government of India.

Following re the important features or benefits of Hand-held device supplied to Branch Post Offices.

1. Electronic transactions- Booking and delivery of Speed Post, registered mail, money orders, sale of stamps and postal stationery will be done through these devices and paper receipt shall be generated

2. Instantaneously thereby eliminating chances of overcharging and other problems associated with manual transactions. Savings Bank deposits & withdrawals, PLI/RPLI premium deposits and loan/claim payments will also be done electronically on these devices.

3. Immediate uploading of transaction data and financial reconciliation- Using mobile connectivity, data pertaining to all transactions done on the hand-held devices shall be uploaded onto the central server. E-Money order will reach the destination post office instantaneously unlike present day where the money order is digitized at the nearest computerized Post Office and leads to delay in delivery. All financial transactions shall also be reconciled immediately without any manual intervention and Cash on Delivery amount collected in the village shall be immediately credited to the account of e-Commerce Company. Similarly the artisans would be able to fulfill e-commerce orders and receive immediate payment for their sold products online. This will have a positive impact on the overall economy of the villages.

4. Automatic track and trace- Speed Post and Registered letters/parcels and money remittances will be trackable at the Branch Post Office level and booking/delivery information will also be uploaded to central server immediately.

5. Fraud and leakage elimination- As Savings Bank and Postal Life Insurance transactions will be done on a real-time basis and through immediate generation of receipt and voice message, chances of fraud would be eliminated. Biometric authentication of MNREGS and social security beneficiaries at the time of pay-out would also reduce leakage in the schemes

6. Post Offices as Common Service Centres- Branch Post Offices shall be able to work as Common Service Centres and offer services such as Railway Reservation, online bill payment for electricity and water utilities, mobile and DTH recharge, insurance policy premium payments & transactions for partner banks/insurance companies/mutual funds etc

Procedure to find the unverified SCSS accounts after modification in DOP Finacle

  1. When a SCSS account is modified it should be verified immediately otherwise the system will not generate the quarter interest for those unverified accounts in DOP Finacle.
  2. The procedure to find the unverified SCSS accounts after modification can be traced by using the menu HAFI.
  3. The step by step procedure is mentioned below

Step by Step Procedure to find the unverified SCSS accounts after modification

  • Invoke the menu HAFI then the system will show the below mentioned screen

  • Then in the above screen enter the following details
Enter the SOL ID ___________________
Enter the filed Ref. No. " Give two blank spaces"
Enter the filed General Ledger Subhead code as "30020" for SCSS General , "30018" for SCSS Defence and "30019" for SCSS VRS.
  • Select the authorized as "Not authorized" as mentioned in the below screen shot

  • Then click on GO then the system will show the list of unverified accounts as mentioned in the below screen shot.
  • In the above screen shot one can find the list of unverified accounts.

Solution for the above problem

Scenario 1:-
If in the above screen shot if the function is "M" then it means that modification is done by the counter PA but verification is not done.

Care to be taken by the Supervisor:- 
In the supervisor login invoke the menu CSCAM and verify the accounts immediatley.

Scenario 2 :- 

If in the above screen shot if the funaction is "R" then it means that Renewal is done (Extended) but not verified as shown in the figure.

Care to be taken by the Supervisor:-
  • In the Supervisor invoke the menu HTDREN and verify the accounts immediately.

Scenario 3:-

If in the above screen if the function is "Z" then it means that closure attempeted by the user but not verified as mentioned in the below screen shot

Care to be Taken by the Supervisor:- 
In the Supervisor login invoke the menu HCAACVTD and either cancel the closure or verify the closureaccording to the customer willingness.
Note :- For all TD/SCSS/MIS/SB/PPF accounts immediately after modification verification should be done by the supervisot otherwise system will not generate the ineterst as there are unverified records for those accounts hence verify all those accounts immediatley to overcome the non generation of interest by the system.

Posting of Pension, Salary and NREGA wage deposits in finacle

HTTUM command is used for posting of Pension, Salary and NREGA wage deposit.
HTTUM means Transfer Transaction Upload Maintenance

Previous Procedure:

Invoke HTTUM from system administrator login and select trial before posting the transactions.Select the fields as follows
  1. Transaction Sub type as "Transfer-Bank induced"
  2. Action as "trial"
  3. File location path as "Local file path"
  4. Select the file path stored in the local disk
  5. Click on GO(F4)
  6. A batch program will be executed check the reports in HPR
  7. The report will be shown as "validation successful"
After successfully performing the trial operation go for posting i.e,
  1. Transaction Sub type as "Transfer-Bank induced"
  2. Action as "action"
  3. File location path as "Local file path"
  4. Repeat the same process as mentioned a batch program will be generated go to HPR and view the report.
  5. Then when we open the report we get a message "File uploaded successfully" and transaction id (system generated). Note down the id and print the report in HFINRPT report.
  6. Then view the report and take the printout of the same.

Present Procedure:

But now HTTUM Menu is Updated For Detailed procedure 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

TDS deduction before NSS87 account closure in DOP Finacle NSS87 Closure with TDS Deduction TDS should be deducted from the NSS87 before doing the closure of the NSS87 Scheme in DOP Finacle.

  • Invoke the menu HCACC for collection of TDS amount before invoking the menu HCAAC for account closure
  • Invoke the menu HCAAC for account closure
  • Specify the Transaction type i.e. Transfer or cash and specify the corresponding Transfer account id for transfer mode

Short Note for NSS87 TDS and Closure

Menu for TDS      : HCACC
Menu for Closure : HCAAC

SCSS TDS refund procedure in DOP FINACLE

  1. Invoke HRFTDS menu
  2. Enter Report To - PM
  3. Enter Refund CIF ID - SCSS A/C CIF ID
  4. Enter From A/C ID
  5. To A/C ID will appear automatically
  6. Select Tran. Type - Transfer
  7. Click on GO(F4)
  8. Select the concerned month.
  9. Click on Add each time for multiple months selection.
  10. Enter Refund A/C ID for each selection
a) SOLID+0340 for cheque
b) Customer's SB A/C ID for SB Transfer
11.Click on SUBMIT(F10)
Note 1: Follow the above procedure only if the TDS is not account far (Not uploaded to IT department).If already uploaded, then issue 16A form but don't refund the amount.
Note2: Don't select Tran. Type as Cash. It must be cheque or SB A/C Transfer only.

Procedure to inquire paid transactions for MIS/SCSS/TD accounts in DOP Finacle

  • For all the accounts of SBA scheme i..e, SB/PPF/SSA accounts we will inquire the ledger details and ledger balance using the menu HACLI(Account Ledger Inquiry).
  • But for TDA accounts i..e., MIS,SCSS and TD accounts we can't trace the total installments paid to the customer using the menu HACLI as these accounts interests will be credited in respective Sundry accounts ( Unposted Office Account).
  • For MIS,SCSS and TD accounts interests of the customers will be credited in respective sundry accounts i..e,
For MIS accounts Sundry account is SOLID+0337.
For SCSS accounts Sundry account is SOLID+0338.
For TD accounts Sundry account is SOLID+0335.
Generally in DOP Finacle we will reverse the amount i..e, customer interest from the Sundry account by giving the reference number (customer account number) which is called pointing account hence Sundry accounts comes under OAP(Office Account Pointing).

Procedure to Inquire paid transactions for MIS/SCSS/TD accounts

1. Invoke the menu HFTI then the system will show the below screen as mentioned

In the above screen enter the following details as mentioned below

  1. Enter the account number as Sundry account number (i..e., SOLID+0335/0337/0338).
  2. Enter the Ref. No. column as " Customer account number " as mentioned in the below screen shot

Then in the above screen remove the start date column to view the total number of installments paid to the customer after migration to Finacle application as shown in the below screen

Then finally Click on Go then the system will show the list of transactions paid to the customer as mentioned in the below screen shot.
  • In the above screen one can observe transaction starting with 'S' are system generated i.e., interest generation date by the system( generally interest due date).
  • And the transactions starting with 'IN' are the entries which are paid to the customer.