Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pre Federal Meeting for Hyderabad Region and CIty Region Secretaries held on 31.03.2013

Dear Comrades,
                      After 60 years, our Andhra Pradesh and first time planned to conduct the Federal Council meeting @ HYDERABAD from 9th to 12th, June-2013.
                      Federal Council meeting is a place where meeting for 29th Federation (includes PA, Postman, MTS, GDS, Contingent, MMS, Drivers, Stenos, SBCO) Circle Secretaries and to take foregoing action plan and to elect the SECRETARY GENERAL.  Secretary General is the person who involves in the policy matters @ the directorate.  Department is also eager and getting confidential enquiries regarding election of Secretary General. 

                       In this connection, Our A.P. Circle is planned for a big RALLY on 9th and open session of leaders.  Circle will provide Food facility for all the comrades who attend to the Rally on 9th June, 2013.

For conducting the said Federal Council Metting the estimated cost is Rs 17 lacs.   Please note that the estimated cost is min.  

           How to get funds?
CHQ decided to collect the funds as follows.

1. From each PA/Postman/MTS Comrades min Rs 100/-
2. From each GDS comrade Min Rs 50/-
3. From each Contingent labour Comrade Min Rs 20/-

      If all comrades given, then the amount goes to 7 lacs.  (i.e., around 40% only)
      Remaining Amount from Donars / Advertisers/ Hosting 3 Hyderabad Divisions.

      Also planned to take a BIG RALLY @ Hyderabad to show our Strengthness and unity for Public and also our struggle to the Department, since Department will have a confidentional enquiries regarding Federal Council Meeting and its results.  So we should take its fruits to survive.


                                                      A. RAMESH
                                                    Divl. Secreatary
                                                 Karimnagar Division

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