Monday, January 6, 2014

Expected DA from Jan 2014 - Additional DA from Jan 2014 likely to hike by 11%

The one more and another additional Dearness allowance to Central Government employees and Pensioners from Jan 2014 will be announced in the middle of March 2014. 

This is too early and predict the enhancement in percentage of Dearness allowance with effect from January 2014. The prediction and announcement of this hike make us cool, that the additional DA will jump to 101% and another word, an additional DA would be 11%. 

But, still we have to wait for one more month, that the magic number of AICPIN would be increased by 3% and more..! From the existing level of the AICPIN is now 243, if it becomes 246 in end of December 2013, out prediction will be right…or otherwise certainly we would cross century in total Dearness allowance… 

The table describes the prediction of additional DA from Jan 2014…

MonthYearAICPIN (IW) BY 2001=100Points Increasing in AICPIN TotalAverageApp. DADA
Dec2013Expected 24632793232.75101.06101

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