Saturday, March 19, 2016

Revised SSA LOT Version 3.5 - ( Updated on 16/13/2016)

evised SSA LOT Version 3.5 -  ( Updated on 16/13/2016)

New Updates  In this Version (3.5 ):   New Account Statistical Information  added  as  per our DOP Norms.  This will be useful  without correcting the  Quick Finacle SSA LOT Statistical information.  This will be also useful for   Maintaining  Passbook Stock   for the new accounts opened

  If you are funding for the New Account,  type "New Account" in the Transaction Particulars field.

How to use this utility ?...   (Version 3.5)      Enter your office Name  Here & Save …>>> Your Office - 100001


Developed and Shared by S. Thiyagarajan, SPM, KILAIYUR S.O

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