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The 30th All India Conference of our union was held from 04.06.2015 to 08.06.2015 at Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar University, (Com. S. K. VyasJi Nagar) Lucknow under the presidentship of Com. R. Sivannarayana CHQ President. More than 2000 comrades participated as delegates and visitors from all parts of the country. More young comrades could be seen this time which establishes the growth of our union among the new recruits. The attendance of more comrades was also encouraging.

            The AIC commenced its proceedings with the flag hoisting at 10.30 hours on 04.06.2015. The National flag was hoisted by Com. M. Krishnan, Secretary General, Confederation. The NFPE flag was hoisted by Com Giriraj Singh, President, NFPE and the AIPEU Group 'C' flag was hoisted by Com R. Sivannarayana, President CHQ. Homages & tribute rendered to the martyrs column thereafter.

            The house was informally constituted and the subjet committee commenced under the presidentship of Com. R. Sivannarayana, President. The open session commenced at 16.00 hours on 04.06.2015. Com R. N. Parashar, Secretary General NFPE & Chief Patron, Reception Committee presided. It was inaugurated by Com Tapan Sen, General Secretary, CITU who covered the adverse impact of neoliberal policies on the working class and the need for further united struggle of the working class to save the nation. He hailed the role of our Federation and unions in the mass movements.

            After the inauguration, the following leaders of various political parties and Trade Unions greeted our conference with their speeches. Com. Subhashini Ali, Polit Bureau Member CPI(M) & Ex-M. P. Kanpur, Sri Ram Narain Sahu, Ex-Member, Rajya Sabha, Dr. Mahendra Singh, MLC, Dr. Sarita Singh, Chief Postmaster General, Uttar Pradesh Circle. Com. Shiv Gopal Misra, Secretary General, AIRF and Secretary, National JCM (Staff Side), Com. K. Ragavendran, Ex-Secretary General, NFPE & General Secretary, All India Postal & RMS Pensioner’s Association are the prominent speakers delivered their oration in the open session. Com. Virendra Tiwary, General Secretary, Reception Committee and also the General Secretary, SBCO Association delivered vote of thanks.

            In the midst of the subject committee, the following comrades delivered their oration and conveyed the greetings. Com. T. Satyanaryana, General Secretary, Postal Accounts, Com. P. Suresh, General Secretary R4, Com. Giriraj Singh, President NFPE & General Secretary R3, Com. R. Seethalakshmi, General Secretary P4, Com. Pranab Bhattacharjee, General Secretary, Admn, Com. P. Pandurangarao, General Secretary, AIPEU-GDS (NFPE), Com. Nagabhooshanam, Working President, Casual Labourers Association, Com. K. V. Sridharan, Ex-General Secretary and Com. K. K. N. Kutty, President Confederation were the prominent leaders among them.

            The delegate session was commenced in the evening on 04.06.2015 and the agenda for the AIC was approved unanimously. The Biennial report by Com. N. Subramanian, officiating General Secretary and the audited accounts by Com. Balwinder Singh, Financial Secretary were presented for adoption. The following sub committees were formed for preparation of resolutions on various issues.

1.      System Administraters                                        -  Com. Jayakumar (Kerala)
2.      Postmaster Cadre                                               -  Com. Jawari Gowda (Karnataka)
3.      PO & RMS Accountants                                     -  Com. J. Ramamurthy (Tamilnadu)
4.      Cadre Restructuring                                            -  Com. Surendra Pal (Maharashtra)
5.      New Pension Scheme                                         -  Com. Janardan Mazumdar (West Bengal)
6.      Financial Powers to Postmasters                       -  Com. Jagdish Dhiman (Punjab)
7.      Bonus                                                                   -  Com. Rajesh Bohidar (Odisha)
8.     Task force Committee Report                              -  Com. P. K. Muralidharan (Kerala)
9.     R. T. P.                                                                 -  Com. S. C. Jain (Madhya Pradesh)
10.   Women Employee’s issues                                  -  Com. Nanda Sen (West Bengal)
11.   CBS, CIS, other Computer related issues          -  Com. J. Ramamurthy (Tamilnadu)
12.   Shortage of Staff & Recruitment                          -  Com. Vivekananda Sharma (Bihar)
13.   C. G. Employees demands                                 -  Com. D. A. S. V. Prasad (Andhra Pradesh)
14.   Contributory Negligence                                       -  Com. Naresh Gupta (Haryana)
15.   Pay Fixation/Allowance & Ex Servicemen          -  Com. Ramakrishna (Andhra Pradesh)
16.  Common Demands of Postal                                -  Com. Ramanikanth Bhattacharya (North East)
17.  Sportsment related problems                               -  Com. Narendra Shrimali (Rajasthan)

            In the AIC, all the circle secretaries and a record number of delegates representing from all circles participated in the lively discussions on the agenda of organizational issues and others. There was all round appreciations about the functioning of the CHQ which exhibited their confidence and faith in the leadership of CHQ. This is the another conference that there was discussion only on issues confronting the employees and there was no unwarranted criticism or comments on any one. Total 112 delegates including 20 circle secretaries participated in the organizational review. The Officiating General Secretary, Com N. Subramanian summed up all the issues. Com M. Krishnan, General Secretary also addressed the session.

            In the midst of conference a felicitation was organised by the reception committee to honour the General Secretary Com. M. Krishnan on the eve of his retirement. A colourful function was held. The resolution on policy and programme was unanimously adopted at the conference. The resolution committees formed for finalization and presentation on various agendas presented their draft resolutions which were unanimously resolved. The full details of the resolutions will be published in the Dak Jagriti.

            The biennial report and audited accounts were unanimously approved and adopted by the delegates and thereafter the election of office bearers was held. The following office bearers were elected unanimously for the ensuing term.

List of office-bearers elected in the 30th All India Conference of AIPEU Group 'C' held at Lucnow from 04.06.2015 to 08.06.2015

Shri J. Ramamurthy, PA, Thiruvallikeni, Chennai – 600005 (Tamilnadu)
Working Presidents
Shri S. A. R. MazgaonkarSPM, Taj Mahal PO, Mumbai - 400001 (Maharastra)
Shri R. D. PurohitPA, PSD, Shahibagh, Ahmedabad – 380004 (Gujarat)
Vice Presidents
Shri R. C. Mishra, PRI (P), Bhubaneshwar GPO-751001 (Orissa)
Smt. Nanda Sen, PA, Siliguri HO – 734001 (West Bengal)
General Secretary
Shri R. N. Parashar, SPM, Mathura City PO - 281001 (Uttar Pradesh)
Deputy General Secretary
Shri Janardan Majumdar, PA, Princep Street PO, Kolkata – 700072 (West Bengal)
Assistant General Secretaries
Shri T. P. Abdul Rahiman, APM, Ottapalam HO - 679101 (Kerala)
Shri A. Veeramani, PA, Anna Road HPO, Chennai - 600002, (Tamilnadu)
Shri S. Raghupathy, PA, Park Town Chennai – 600003 (Tamilnadu)
Financial Secretary
Shri Balwinder Singh, PRI (P), Patel Nagar P.O. New Delhi – 110008
Assistant Financial Secretary
Shri Naresh Gupta, PA, Ambala GPO – 133001 (Haryana)
Organizing General Secretaries
Shri U. K. Tiwari, P.A, Patna GPO - 800001 (Bihar)
Shri N. Chandrasekhar, Postmaster Grade-III, HAL, 2nd Stage HPO, Bangalore – 560008 (Karnataka)
Shri Tapas Kumar Nath, PA, Agartala HO- 799001(North East)

            The following comrades were declared unanimously as Women’s sub Committee Members for the current term for encouraging the women employees in organizational activities.


Com. Nanda Sen (West Bengal)
Com. Mausmi Majumdar (Assam)
Com. R. Manimegalai (Tamilnadu)
Com. P. Rema (Kerala)
Com. Aruna S. Joshi (Maharashtra)
Com. Anna Rise Bhagat (Madhya Pradesh)
Com. Angel Satyanathan (Tamilnadu)
Com. C. Lilly (Kerala)
Com. Geeta Bhattacharya (Delhi)
Com. Renu Dwivedi (Madhya Pradesh)

            The AIC places on record that the reception committee headed by Sri. Ram Narain Sahu, Ex-Member, Rajya Sabha and the Chairperson, Reception Committee  and Com Virendra Tiwari, General Convenor have made all arrangements amazingly, outstandingly and stupendously for the AIC.

            The AIC places its appreciations on record of the outgoing office bearers Com. R. Sivannarayana, CHQ President, Com. M. Krishnan, General Secretary, Com. N. Subramanian, Deputy General Secretary, Com. Mangesh Parab, Working President, Com. N. Gopalakrishnan, Working President, Com. C. P. Shobhana, Vice President, Com. G. D. Maity, Asst. General Secretary, Com. L. P. Saikia, Organising General Secretary, Com. H. P. Diwakar, Asst. Financial Secretary and Com. S. A. Hamid, Organising General Secretary.

            This conference is an historic and significant success and it is the best record breaking one also in the history of the All India conferences held sofar. The stunning and tireless work carried out by hundreds of volunteers under the able stewardship for Com. Virendra Tiwari for the success of the conference is ever be reminisced and they deserve and merit all appreciations. The policy and program resolution adopted in the conference is furnished hereunder.

            The 30th AIC has given the CHQ more confidence by the unprecedented presence and participation of delegates and visitors sharing with the CHQ in all its activities, reviewing the requirements for the future etc. The CHQ is fully confident that with the total cooperation of all circles, divisions and members, the huge task and the challenges posed to us will be met with the utmost satisfaction of all. We assure that we will strive hard to live up to the expectations of all our comrades in the rank and file at the grass root level and march ahead. Let the activities of the CHQ will be more transparent and it will be collective wisdom consisting all shades and opinions. Let us march with total unity to save the Postal Services with full determination and also for the emanicipation of GDS and their causes.
With fraternal greetings,

            J. Ramamurthy                                                                R. N. Parashar
            CHQ President                                                             General Secretary                 
New Delhi - 09.06.2015


1.         The after effects of the recession that devastated the economy of the capitalist countries is still looming large over their head and there is no immediate sign of recovery, even though the pro-capitalist economists and heads of the developed nations are claiming to the contrary.  The financial and industrial sectors of these countries are reeling under the negative impacts of recession.  Unemployment is growing like anything.  The bailout packages and other short and long term measures taken has only helped the trans-national corporations to survive, but the plight of the workers and common man is becoming more and more miserable.  Cuts in employment and social security measures have further aggravated the situation. The economies of the countries which are persuing a pro-socialist and anti-globalization policies are comparatively less effected and are poised for rapid economic growth.  The resistance against the ill-effects of the neo-liberal globalization policies are gaining momentum all over the world.  Workers went on strike and common people of those countries are also coming out to the street in large numbers protesting against these policies.  This 30thAll India Conference of AIPEU Group-C, extend full solidarity and support to the struggles conducted by the workers and other toiling masses all over the world and pledge to be a part and parcel of this struggle.

2.         In our country, the NDA Govt. is virtually toeing the US line and is going ahead with the neo-liberal agenda.  Steep rise in prices of essential commodities, disbanding of public distribution system, disinvestment of public sector, introduction of casual and contract labour system,  decision to allow 51% FDI in multi-brand retail trade, hectic persuation to get major financial sector related bills on pension privatisation, banking and insurance sector, the game plan for privatisation of vital infrastructural and public utility services, the so-called private-public partnership in almost every sector, the repeated hike in prices of petroleum products are glaring examples of this policy. Struggle and strikes are taking place in every sector against the neo-liberal reforms and also against the anti-worker, anti-people policies of the Govt.  The entire working class of India under the banner of United Platform of Mass Organizations is spearheading the struggle against these policies.  In the coming days, the struggle will be further intensified.  The Postal employees under the banner of National Federation of Postal Employees have participated in all the national strikes organized by the Central Trade Unions. This 30th AIC of AIPEU Group-C congratulates the workers and employees who participated in the united struggle of the working class and we shall continue our struggle and shall always identify ourselves with the mainstream of the working class.

3.         The Central Govt. Employees are the first victims of the neo-liberal economic policies pursued by the Central Govt. from 1991 onwards.  During the last twenty years about six lakhs posts are abolished.  Further five lakhs posts are lying vacant in various departments.  Many departments are closed or privatized.  More and more casual and contract workers are engaged. Social security schemes, including statutory pension scheme are given a go-bye.  Instead share market oriented contributory Pension Scheme is introduced.  Three lakhs Gramin Dak Sevaks are denied of their legitimate rights.  Even compassionate appointments are denied, imposing arbitrary restrictions.  Bonus ceiling not yet raised.  Merger of 50% D.A. with pay, Interim Relief, inclusion of GDS under 7th CPC stands rejected by Govt. This 30th AIC of AIPEU Group-C, while saluting the Central Govt. Employees, particularly Postal employees, for their participation in all agitational programmes calls upon the National leadership of the confederation to carry forward the struggle till the demands are met by the Government, and reversion of the policy of downsizing, outsourcing, contractorisation and privatisation.

4.         In the Postal sector the Government want to implement the Task Force Report which aims to corporatize the Postal Services by divding the existing service sector into six and make five corporations and leave the letter delivery services as the Government Services. This is nothing but to privatise the Postal in the future by entering PPP and FDI in the Postal Communication sector and granting licences to the multi-national courier services.  Government want to close down post offices in the name of loss.  Posts are abolished without any justification.  Workload has increased but new posts are not created.  Cadre restructuring and other sectional issues are yet to be settled.  The National Federation of Postal Employees (NFPE) has taken initiative to organise agitational programmes and mobilise the employees for action including indefinite strikes and as a result the Postal Administration was compelled to stop their move for closure of 9797 Post Offices.  Many long pending issues are settled and mass scale recruitment has taken place.  Department was forced to convene the JCM Departmental Council meetings and formal meetings and discuss all the issues with the staff side. 

            The Government is reluctant to settle the issues relating to Gramin Dak Sevaks and casual labourers and in particular in remitting their cases for consideration by the Seventh Pay Commission. 

            This AIC affirms that our Union will stand with the GDS union by all means for their emancipation. This AIC demands the Government to consider the demand of remitting GDS causes to the Seventh Pay Commission. This Union is committed for the cause of AIPEU GDS (NFPE) and appeals all the circle and divisional secretaries to form the GDS divisional branches in al the circles which is the firm commitment of us as a policy. Only through a united struggle of the entire Postal employees the policy offensives of the Govt. can be resisted and also the pending issues of the Postal employees including Gramin Dak Sevaks can be settled.  This 30th AIC of AIPEU Group-C appreciates the positive steps taken by NFPE and the P-3 CHQ in strengthening the unity of the Postal employees and also for making sustained efforts for settling the sectional demands of the Postal employees.  This conference further calls upon NFPE to chalkout agitational programmes in a phased manner for realisation of the pending demands.


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Secretary General

No.CONF/2015                                                                                              Date : 12-06-2015

Dear Comrade,

As indicated in our last circular letter, the final meeting with the 7th CPC was held on 9.6.2015.   Earlier on 8thafternoon, the Staff side had met separately to chalk out the course of negotiations.  The National JCA also met on the same day.  The National Anomaly Committee met on 9th June, 2015 at 3.00 pm under the Chairmanship of Joint Secretary (E) Department of Personnel at Room No. 72            North Block, New Delhi.  We give hereunder a brief synopsis of the discussions at all the meetings.

1.       Meeting with 7thCPC

The following Staff Side members were present at the Meeting:
Coms. M. Raghavaiah (Leader Staff Side – NFIR), Shiv Gopal Mishra (Secretary, Staff Side-AIRF), Com. Guman Singh, R.P. Bhatnagar and Com.Sharma (all from NFIR), Com. Rakhal Dasgupta, Com. J.R Bhosale (AIRF) Com. KKN Kutty, M.S. Raja and Com. M. Krishnan (from Confederation and NFPE) Com. Srikumar and Com. R.N. Pathak (from AIDEF) Com. Srinivasan and Com. Surjeet Singh ( From INDWF)

(a)    Date of effect: The Chairman has made it clear that the Commission would recommend 1.1.2016 as the date of implementation of  their recommendations. The Commission would finalise its report by end of August and would submit the same to the Government thereafter.  They would adopt Dr. Aykroyd formula for the computation of the Minimum wage. To the specific query made by the  Staff Side, the Commission said that they would factor the probable increase in the rate of retail prices of the commodities and would arrive at the minimum wage as on 1.1.2016. There had been no reply to the loss of wages to the employees due to the erosion of the real value of wages as there was no interim relief or benefit accrued from the merger of DA.  These demands, therefore, stand rejected.

(b)   Increase in the insurance coverage in cases of death in harness:  The Staff Side recalled the assurance held out by the Commission earlier to have the actuarial assessed by an expert agency to accede to the demand of the staff side to increase the subscription and the insurance coverage.  The Staff Side was of the opinion that their suggestion to share the subscription in the ratio of 3:7 was reasonable but in the absence of an expert study, the Government might not accept the same.  The commission said that they would explore the possibility of such an assessment by the LIC before finalization of the report.

(c)    Fitment formula.  The Commission might accept the suggestion made by the Staff Side in respect of fitment formula with requisite change in the ratio on the basis of the quantum of minimum wage determined.

(d)   Open ended pay scales: The Commission would recommend open ended pay scales as suggested by the Staff Side.

(e)   In the matters of rate of increment, quantum of allowances etc, the Commission did not come out clearly of their thinking in the matter. 

(f)     Parity in pension entitlement of the past and present pensioners.  The Commission is yet to make up its mind on the suggestion made by the staff side in the matter.  They however said that almost all the Pensioners organizations which met the Commission had pleaded for this and the same is linked with the one rank one pension demand of the Armed forces personnel.

(g)    MACP  scheme . The difficulties and anomalies pointed out by the Staff Side and various other organizations have been taken note of  by the Commission.  The Commission assured to evolve a methodology to resolve the problem.

(h)   Opposition to the induction of casual/daily rated workers and contractorisation.  The Commission said that they were opposed to the unfair practice of exploitation of labour.  For jobs which are of perennial and permanent character, regular workers must be recruited, the Commission added and that would obviate the need for outsourcing and contractorisation.  Since  most of the outsourced jobs do not require any academic qualification, the Commission was of the opinion that the revival of Group D cadre would help to address the issue.  However, the Commission stated that if only the staff side sends in a communication in writing, the Commission would be able to make any recommendation in the matter. The Staff Side reiterated that they are totally opposed to outsourcing, induction of casual workers and contractorisation and the same has been made explicit in their memorandum. 

(i)     Parity in the pay scales between the personnel in the Central Sectt and those in the subordinate establishments.
The Commission stated that they have appreciated the stand taken by the Staff Side in the matter.
The Commission was non committal on other issues raised by the Staff Side members.

2.       National Anomaly Committee meeting

The meeting was held at Room No. 72 North Block, under the Chairmanship of J.S(E) Department of Personnel and Training. In the initial remarks, the Staff side raised the following issues.

(a)    Though the official side had promised to provide an action taken statement on all issues in the National Council, the same has not been supplied;

(b)   No date for the National Council is indicated.

(c)    No indication of the steps taken to convene the Departmental Councils. The official side had assured of the convening of the Departmental Council of the Ministry of Finance in the last meeting.  However, the staff side has not been apprised of any date so far.

(d)   Abnormal delay in replying to the references made to the Ministry of Finance, Department of Personnel from the Railways and other Ministries.

(e)   The necessity to increase the ceiling limit of the rebate in Incometax for the allowances given to the Loco Pilots.

(f)     Non-adherence to the GOI instructions by the Defence Ministry in certain matters.

The Official side stated that the Action taken Statement was almost ready but for certain comments from Certain departments.  The same would be sent to the staff Side and another meeting held to discuss the course of action required on items where no agreement could be reached.  The JS (per) stated that some of the references received from the Railways had been sent back to them for clarification before a final decision is taken.  Regarding increase in the rebate ceiling under the Income tax Act, the matter would be referred to the revenue department and requested the staff side to appreciate that the same has to be considered in a wider perspective.  Thereafter the agenda items, which had not been discussed even once  were taken up.

(ii)               Anomaly in the Pay Band and Grade Pay assigned to the Group B Officers of the Audit and Accounts, Incometax, , Central Excise and Customs and Postal Departments.  (Agenda Item No. 1 and 8 taken together.) Despite agreeing that there existed an anomaly in the matter, the official side expressed their inability to proceed further in the matter as the Group B Gazetted Officers were beyond the ambit of the JCM scheme.  However, they agreed that the Govt. would  take up the issue specifically with the 7th CPC. Com.Shiv Gopal Mishra said that the Govt. must consider a JCM set up for the promote officers as their cases are not heard or discussed at any other forum.  Com. Kutty said that the items were introduced as early as in 2009 and it was not correct on the part of the official sided to state that the same would be referred to the 7th CPC.  Normally the Pay Commission would not entertain to consider the anomalies of the earlier Commissions.  However, after some discussions, it was agreed that they would discuss the issue of audit & accounts scale (AAOs) separately after receiving a note from Staff Side and in respect of others, a note will be submitted to the 7thCPC.

(iii)             Anomaly in the pay and Grade Pay of Data Processing Assistants Grade A.. The official side did not agree with the contention that the assigning of higher grade pay to certain categories of officers (7450-11500 and Grade Pay4600) was arbitrary.  The Government, they added, had acted upon the recommendation of the 6th CPC. They also said that only in those cases where the pre-revised pay scales were in 6500-10500 such up-gradation had been made.  In the case of DPA Grade A, they were in the pre revised scale of pay of Rs. 5500-9000.

(iv)           Item No.3. Grant of Grade pay of Rs. 4200 to Lab Technicians. The official side said that the orders have been issued in the matter.

(v)              Item No.4. Up-gradation of Pay Band and Grade pay of LDCs and UDCs.

The Staff Side made the following points in support of the item:

(a)    The Grade pay of Rs. 1900 assigned to LDCs by the 6th CPC  was without any logic and without appreciating the existing vertical relativity  between Group D and LDCs and LDCs and UDCs.

(b)   While creating the non functional grade in the grade pay of Rs. 4200 in the Central Secretariat, the Department of Personnel, which is the nodal department for all matters concerning the common categories, did not extend the benefit to the UDCs in the Subordinate offices.
(c)    The Staff side also pointed out the Department while restructuring the cadre of stenographers in the Central Sectt. earlier, had extended the benefit to all Stenographers in the subordinate offices.

The official side stated that it was not possible for them to address the issue, whatever may be its justification in the background of the setting up of the 7th CPC.  They however, assured to make a reference specifically to the Commission.

(vi)     Item No.5. Senior Clerks in DMS to be assigned grade pay of Rs. 4200. The matter was stated to be sub-judice.

(vii)         Item No. 6 and 12. - Removal of anomaly in the case of artisans staff of different departments & Master Craftsmen pay scale in MMS in Postal Department  The two agenda items being identical were take up together. The Staff side pointed out the glaring discrimination in the matter. They also stated that the number of employees involved is very small. On behalf of the Postal Department it was stated that the recruitment qualification in the Postal Department was VIII Standard and ITI whereas in other establishment, the academic qualification stipulated was X Standard. The Staff side contested the same pointing out that no person is entitled to be admitted to ITI without  having X standard qualification. They pointed out that the merger of Artisan Grade I and Charge hand was the root cause of the problem.  The official side took the stand that in any case the anomaly cannot be removed at this stage and have to wait till the 7th CPC recommendations are made.

(viii)          Item No. 7. Parity in pay scales between the Central Sectt. and subordinate offices. The official side said that the up-gradation of the pay scale of Central Sectt. Assistants were on well found grounds. The Government had considered the repercussion of the said decision and therefore, the decision is not possible to be either reversed or extended to any other category of employees.  They added that perhaps the 7th CPC before whom the matter is already agitated by the employees organizations of the subordinate offices might take a decision in the matter.

(ix)              Item No. 9 and 10. Higher grade pay for Medical Assistants and Store keepers. The Defence Ministry was asked to submit a detailed note to the Ministry of Finance indicating the duties and responsibilities assigned as also the recruitment qualifications stipulated in the RR to enable them to reconsider the issue.

(x)                Children Educational Allowance for any two children.  The official side stated that the deviation made in identifying the eldest two children was consciously done taking into account the National Population policy and various other factors and is not likely to be changed.  Regarding the claim for reimbursement of expenses incurred in the nursery class, as such institutions or classes are not linked to any Educational Boards, the official side said that they would look into the matter with a view to find a solution thereof. 

National JCA meeting on 8th June.

The  National JCA which met at the Staff side office on 8th June, 2015 took note of the fact quite a few States are yet to hold the State level conventions.  The meeting also noted that the  strike decision taken on 28th April, 2015 has not been percolated down to the rank and file of the workers.  The meeting wanted the affiliate to realize that the denial of the demand for wage revision to be effective from 1.1.2014 and the consequent denial of interim relief and the benefit of merger of DA with pay must be viewed very seriously as the said decision will have a far reaching consequence.  The Government would not in future will discard the age old practice of grant of I.R. and merger of DA for ever.  It has decided to appeal to all the affiliates to chalk out independent programmes of actions in the months to come and to carry out the same in all seriousness so that the employees become fully aware of the possible outcome of the 7thCPC .  The  Chairman and Convenor of the National JCA will get in touch with those States, where the programme has not been carried out.   The meeting decided to convey to the members that the minimum wage computation, in the given situation would be on an imaginary basis.  The National JCA was of the opinion that a meeting of all office bearers of the participating organizations must be convened at Delhi somewere in the month of July to chalk out the programmes of action to be pursued by theCGEs togher

It was informed at the house that both Defence and Railways would be taking their strike ballot and would be concluded in the first week of October. The meeting decided to advise the other units to chalk out progammes of action in July so that an ambience of struggle could be created. The NJCA also took note of the painful fact that despite assurances, Government was not convening the Departmental Councils and the JCM has been allowed to become defunct. 

The National JCA in conclusion decided to appeal to all affiliates to take concrete steps to invigorate the joint movement of the Central Government employees and meet the challenge that is like to arise on receipt of the recommendations of the 7th creating an atmosphere of Unity, and determination to carry out the call of  indefinite strike action scheduled to commence on 23rd November, 2015.. 

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,

Secretary General


No. PF- 01(e) /2015                                                                  Dated: 12th June, 2015

            All General /Circle/Divisional & Branch Secretaries
            of all NFPE Affiliated  Unions.

Dear Comrades,

            The fresh verification of membership has been started. This time a period of less than 30 days  has been given by the Department to submit letter of authorization to the Divisional Heads and that  is to be submitted  up to 06th July-2015. NFPE and CHQs have wasted no time to publish it in all web sites and in circulating. We are confident that our Divisional & Branch Secretaries would have a lead start in collecting the forms signed by the members. Take up the challenge and complete the process up to 30th June-2015 by utilizing the remaining time in a most productive manner. Conducting intensive and extensive membership campaign will enhance our chances of increasing the percentage of membership. Strictly avoid denial of membership to any one as per the decision of Federal Secretariat as it would be viewed seriously by the respective CHQ.

            NFPE was bifurcated from the NFPTE and it has got richest heritage of Trade Union Movement. We inherit the glory and tradition of Babu Tarapada  Mukherjee, the Father of P&T  trade union movement who thundered that “Workers are not baggers”. We inherit the militancy of UPTW that shook the morale of  foreign rulers and autocratic administration.

This is the NFPE/NFPTE who conducted so many glorious struggles and strikes. Indefinite  strike of 1960, One day strike  of 19th September, 1968, other  historic Indefinite  strikes of 1993, 1997, 1998 and 2000. About 15 One Day strikes from 1992 to 2014 and achieved so many demands. No organization can stake such type of claim. NFPE is the only organization which is consistently fighting against the Neo Liberal Economic Policies of Government of India. It is because of NFPE that we could stop the closure of 9797 Post Offices and RMS Offices. Now the danger in form of Recommendations of Task Force Committee headed by Shri TSR Subrianmaian is before us who has recommended division of Postal Department in 6 Companies. Out of which only one Company of Mail & Delivery will be Govt. Company and others will work as Corporations. Besides so many issues are pending before Government to settle. If we have to achieve all the pending demands and have to resist the attacks and dangers, we have to strengthen NFPE by increasing the membership. Tell the employees that NFPE is only non-affiliated Federation. All other Federations are affiliated to Political Trade Union Centres. The situation  cannot be changed without the NFPE emerging  not only as the first  union in all  cadres  and categories but  also emerging  as the strongest organization of  each and  every  cadre in the ongoing  fresh verification.

NFPE and CHQs call upon the rank and file to:

1,         Give declarations in support of NFPE unions. Form signed by Director SR & &Legal should be used. The form can be downloaded from websites.

2.         Submit declarations to the Divisional Heads on 06.07.2015. The form will be signed  at 2 places . The name of union should also be correctly written,

3.         Submit list in triplicate to Divisional head duly signed by the authorized office bearer of union on each page of list.

4.         Vigilantly watch the scrutiny by the Divisional heads to protect our membership and do not hesitate to oppose in writing including the special officer appointed by the Chief PMG if any  bias or favoritism is exhibited by the Divisional Heads.  

5.         Tell every employee for not signing for more than one union as it would make him non-member.

6.         Encourage members to write a complaint if his signature was either forged or forcibly taken by other union before 06.07.2015.

7.         Inform CHQs and NFPE , immediately on exhibition of Notice Board by the Divisional Heads during 07.07.2015  to 08.07.2015 , about the exact  number of membership of each and every organization participating in the verification . This is must.

8.         Recovery of subscription will be started from the month of July -2015 by the DDOs.

            With fraternal Greetings.
Yours Comradely,
(R.N. Parashar)
Secretary General