Thursday, September 18, 2014

Brief Note on the attack on Printing and Stationery Department

Brief Note on the attack on Printing and Stationery Department
The origin of Govt. press in India can be traced during the regime of the then Imperial Government as
early as in 1863 when Central Press at Kolkata was established another Press was set up at Shimla. With
the growing needs some other presses were established in the different part of the country. In mid 70's
three text book presses were set up with the help of German Democratic Republic under U.N.O. project.
Up-to 1973, Printing, Stationery and Publication were under the control of Chief Controller of Printing
and Stationery under different ministries from time to time.
Similarly, Govt. of India Stationery Office was established in the year of 1850 and under the then
provincial Govt. of Bengal. In due course three other Regional Stationery Depots were set up at New
Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai.
 After 1973, this department was trifurcated as office of Directorate of Printing, Controller of
Stationery and Controller of Publication. After 12-13 years declination of all three newly created
departments has started. In last 20-25 years these departments have faced varieties of experiments in
the name of E.R.C., closure, shifting of HQ office and curtailment in staff strength and likewise on regular
intervals. Due to stiff resistance from the organized forces of employees and workers under the banner
of N.F.P.S.P.E. and other democratic forces of the country those attacks could not materialize.
 In two recent developments on 10th and 15th September,2014, Min. of U.D., G.O.I., has
conveyed the unilateral decision of the Ministry of winding up of these two departments to the
Directorate of Printing and Controller of Stationery. Min. of U.D. has referred to the suggestions of the
former Secretary, U.D., Dr. Sudhir Krishnan on restructuring of Min. of U.D. and Ministry of Housing and
Urban Poverty Alleviation. Ironically, Addl. Secretary, U.D. has reportedly commented on the
suggestions of Dr. Sudhir Krishnan that instead of transferring the Directorate of Printing and Govt. of
India Stationery Office to any other ministry it would be justified if these two departments are wound up
and the staff may be declared surplus. Accordingly, the present Under Secretaries in charge of PSP - I &
PSP - II have asked both the Head of the Departments to furnish detailed information with facts and
figures as well as submit their views/suggestions on the proposal of winding up within 2 days. The
matter was further communicated to respective subordinate offices. Knowing the intention of the
Ministry, this Federation took immediate steps and asked the affiliates to start agitation immediately
which was carried out effectively.
 Again it is an irony of the fact that this attack has come when an initiative is on for filling up of
large number of vacancy in the various presses and a lot had been done to modernize the presses in
recent past. It is also surprising that during the meeting of the Joint Secretary (U.D.) and the leadership
of this Federation official side asked the staff side for a concrete suggestion on the "Future Roadmap of
PSP Division" which is nearly completed and would be submitted shortly.
 The official role of Director of Printing and the Govt. of India Presses are to execute important
printing jobs undertaken by Directorate of Printing includes Union Budget, Railway Budget, Session
papers of both the Houses of Parliament, Import and export policy announced by Ministry of Commerce,
Gazette of India / Delhi Gazette, Secret / Confidential Publications, Standard forms, Income Tax forms,
Postal forms and Annual Reports of Ministries / Departments. But, this huge and pro-nation role has
been intentionally undermined by the Min. of U.D. in its said O.M. wherein it has been claimed that
most of the printing is being done by Ministries/Depart ment outside except for the Gazette
notifications which are of confidential nature and therefore, most of the set up of Directorate of Printing
may be wound up and only a small set up which could take care of the Gazette notifications may be left
out under this Ministry or could be transferred to MSME.
 Similarly, Govt. of India Stationery Office is entrusted with the highly sensitive job of
procurement, storage and supply of Stationery articles including Paper and Paper-made articles to the
Central Govt. Offices/Departments/Ministries termed as indenters within the stipulated period subject
to the availability of ready stock. It is a well known fact that during the introductory chapter of Liberal
Market Economy in India in 1987 the closure order on G.I.S.O. was issued but the conspiracy of the then
Govt. could not succeed due to stubborn resistance of the unions/associations under the leadership of
N.F.P.S.P.E., COC (W.B.) and Confederation.
 National Federation of PSP Employees, being the born fighter organization and the sole
bargaining agent of the PSP Division is looking forward to take up this challenge and is sure that the
ultimate win will belong to the working class. The timely co-operation and valuable suggestions of the
Confederation will enrich and reinforce us in this battle.
                                                                                               Subrata Ganguly
                                                                                              General Secretary

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