Monday, March 9, 2015

Postman examination invigilation duty on 12-4-2015 - regarding.

RJCM /LDCE /2015                                                                                               Dated 25-Feb-15.
ToThe Chairman RJCM Andhra Pradesh CircleHyderabad – 1
Respected Sir,
            Sub: - Limited Departmental Competitive Examination- Deputation of Staff as invigilators-Reg;
            The department is conducting Examination for the recruitment of postmen & mailgaurd on 12-4-2015. the exams are being conducted at 4 regional head quarters. As the number of candidates appearing for the examination are nearly 1.7 Lakhs. Centres the need is to have more invigilators. the department is deputising the staff from the divisions to the regional head quarters to work as invigilators.
We may mention that the 12th April Sunday the staff from the divisions deputised to work as invigilators have to leave their place of duty on 11th April 2015 after working hours and report to duty on 13th April 2015 the staff far away from the regional office head quarters may find it very difficult to travel long distance to and fro and report duty on 13th April 2015.
We therefore request you to kindly consider for one more examination centre in each region so as to enable the staff to discharge duties of invigilators without much strain. We may also place before you to give a special consideration to Kurnool region, as the staff deputised to work as invigilators have to travel long distance.
We request you to give due consideration and order favourably
                 With regards                                                                 Yours faithfully
                                                                                                  (D A S V Prasad)
                                                                                                     Secretary Staff Side 

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