Monday, January 11, 2016

Train Your Brain to Fall Asleep In 30 Seconds.

Sleep difficulties are a really common issue, which can be extremely tiring and substantial time – wasting before finally managing to fall asleep.
If you are one of those who constantly struggle to fall asleep for more than an hour each night, you need to know that you’re spending more than nine 40-hour weeks on that pointless activity every year.
Therefore, you need to find a way to slove it.
Luckily, Dr. Andrew Weil has found the solution for you. His trick can save you from the countless sleepless nights. In fact, it will help you fall asleep in a matter of seconds!

by yoga and its breathing practices, so he produced an extremely efficient method, called  “The 4-7-8 Breathing Exercise”.
This exercise can be done everywhere and it is extremely easy. Moreover, it won’t take long and you don’t need any equipment.
Here is all you need to do:
1) Exhale completely through your mouth, making a whoosh sound.
2) Close your mouth and inhale quietly through your nose to a mental count of 4.
3) Hold your breath for a count of 7.
4) Exhale completely through your mouth, making a whoosh sound to a count of 8.
5) This is one breath. Now inhale again and repeat the cycle three more times for a total of four breaths.
According to Dr. Weil, you need to focus on keeping the ratio correct and inhaling/exhaling deeply every time.
The productivity of this exercise lies in its ability to lower the heart pulse and calm the mind. Even though it may sound too easy to work, do not hesitate to try it, and you will see for yourself that it really works!

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